for Everyone

Diaspora Holding is creating community-focused digital banking and payments solutions for those who are underserved by legacy financial institutions.

We are a London-based fintech innovator with worldwide reach. Founded on principles of inclusivity and community, our team develops consumer and business banking solutions that make financial management a seamless, accessible process for everyone.

Consumer products

Diaspora Holding’s affiliates and partners are creating new ways for consumers to manage their money. Together, we’re creating tailor-made digital banking ecosystems that directly address our target markets’ unique pain points.

Business solutions

For SME businesses, our brands are creating innovative commercial banking ecosystems.

For larger businesses and banks, Diaspora Holding also partners with companies to license our solutions and develop tailored fintech products through our managed services programmes.


Diaspora Holding is based in London, the world’s fintech capital, with regional interests across the UK, Europe, and high-growth MENA markets.

Currently, our affiliate brands are active in the UK and Egypt.


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