Championing the underbanked

A digital revolution, democratising financial services for businesses and everyday people.

Our mission

Diaspora was born out of a passion to provide a new financial ecosystem that disrupts traditional high street banks and brings about financial democratisation and freedom. It is our mission to serve the underbanked and the unbanked across the globe, using technology to develop a future-proof banking experience. We foster innovation through technology to hatch new solutions and launch products directly to the market or through strategic partnerships with other financial and non-financial institutions whose values and vision aligns with that of Diaspora.

Why Diaspora?

The global financial system is broken. Far from serving the economy through efficient finance allocation and credit risk-sharing, it restricts growth by failing to provide business with the funding they need and blocks ordinary people from access to key parts of the financial services market. The underbanked and the unbanked represent a funding gap of over $2 trillion. We’re here to change that.

Our products

We are reinventing SME finance by disrupting the global multi-trillion dollar trade finance industry with a focus on the UK domestic market. Our Peer-to-Peer SaaS platform connects institutional investors and qualified investors to SMEs who need capital to ease tight liquidity situations and promote business scalability. We inspire customer loyalty by making trade finance a habitual business activity for these SMEs. Diaspora Finance becomes immersed in SME business operations as a partner for growth, and not just a mere service provider.

In line with our commitment to serving the underbanked, CommoRoad travels across the seas to reach and include these entities in a global economy. CommoRoad is a first of its kind trade finance platform that enables corporates and small businesses based in key trading jurisdictions, from Africa to the Middle East and Latin America. We enable SMEs to overcome high local interest rates in order to sell their European trade assets at a fair discount rate through Peer-to-Peer trade investments. By using innovative credit scoring models, we are able to facilitate cross-border trade which particularly helps us to penetrate regions with limited credit bureau infrastructure.

D-Pay provides futuristic and seamless access to fundamental payment services by encouraging people to turn their smartphones into a multi-account digital medium that is linked to a single payment card. It comprises one single bank account, one single card, and one single user interface for individuals to accommodate all their
financial needs covering FX, Transfer, Payment, Saving, Bank Account, Borrowing,
and Trading. Utilising the very latest in biometric security technology, D-Pay helps you create a safer and smarter way for your customers to securely access their account and approve transactions on the go.

Financial democratisation is not some far-fetched, wild economist theory. Through digital transformation, we are taking the necessary steps to address inefficiencies, and realise a financially inclusive future for all.


Ibrahim Farag, CEO



Open banking

Open Banking is an enabling API technology, like the internet – it is only powerful because of the businesses that build on top of it to create innovative financial products and services. It is consumers that own their financial data, not the institutions that store and process it. Diaspora is dedicated to improving industry standards and driving innovation to prevent the concentration of power into the hands of the few in the financial industry.

Machine learning

Machine learning enables Diaspora’s internal and external clients to satisfy their customers – from financial help such as monitoring spending habits or behaviours and providing desired alerts to triggers for automatic processes as stipulated by the consumer. The insights brought forth by the application of machine learning yields are invaluable, and allows a diverse range of customers to be captured and credit-scored – a step towards greater financial inclusion.

Artificial Intelligence

As a global economy we must combine financial data with geographic and socio-economic data that provides more accurate information for decisions to be made for any person or business entity. With AI we have the ability to provide a high level of customer service and product functionality 24 hours a day, resolving requests almost instantaneously whilst automating manual processes. 

About Us

Launched in 2017, Diaspora is a FinTech challenger reinventing the world of digital banking. When an economist from Cairo met a tech Pioneer from South Korea in the city of London, it was inevitable that having a global reach was going to be embedded into our corporate DNA. Our diverse team is a reflection of our commitment to worldwide financial democratisation. These are our core values:


Employment generation

Economic prosperity

Financial inclusivity

Reducing Poverty

Founding Team

Ibrahim Farag

Chief Executive

Ibrahim holds an MBA in planning financial strategy and an MSc in financial economics from the University of Birmingham. He is also a graduate of the Oxford fintech programme, a fintech PhD researcher, and a member of the CFA institute and UK CFA society with over 20 years’ experience in investment banking and cross-border trade finance.

Johanna Courtney

Chief marketing

Johanna is an active member of the Chartered Institute of Marketing and has over 15 years’ experience in developing and implementing brand and product strategies across the tech and wider B2B sectors. She relishes leading a high-performance team to success and encourages out-of-the-box thinking and creativity.

David Chae

Senior vice-president &
chief technology officer

David’s interdisciplinary background includes two MBAs in international business and in financial services. With over 20 years’ experience, David’s expertise and achievements in digital finance business are demonstrated through several patents in blockchain, mobile payments, fintech and financial services.

Elijah Puscas

Investor Relations

Elijah holds a degree in international relations as well as an MA in European affairs and project management from Babes-Bolyai University. In Diaspora, Elijah brings together his enthusiasm for business and function to ensure Diaspora meets its clients’ needs, helping them grow and lead the way in the world of trade finance.

Our Vision

Diaspora views financial innovation and technology as a means to reach out and serve the underbanked and to become market leaders in the sector.

Diaspora Finance is already making strides for UK SMEs, allowing them to raise against their invoices and contracts – and we are determined to emulate this success worldwide and at scale.The launch of CommoRoad demonstrates our commitment to facilitating cross-border trade between Emerging Markets and Europe. Through DiasporaPay, we envision a revolutionary and transparent banking concept that provides an end-to-end private digital bank where individuals and businesses are fully serviced in terms of payments, exchange, transfer, borrowing, and savings.

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