Our Values

Diaspora Holding is built around a commitment to diversity, community, empowerment and inclusion—and we’ve instilled these values in our name and branding. We are creating a suite of next-generation digital banking ecosystems around the world and we partner with similarly minded businesses to help them do the same.

We provide tailored fintech apps and platforms for markets that are currently underserved by traditional banking services.

Banking for Everyone

Diaspora Holding develops transformative digital tools that promote financial inclusivity and foster a sense of community.

Above all, we are user-centred in our approach. In every market we serve, our team takes the time to truly understand our customers’ needs in order to create tailored banking and payment solutions that can anticipate and solve for any hurdles our customers might come up against—and we back up this understanding with extensive user-testing. Our digital products not only simplify financial and banking tasks with well-tested UI and UX design, but help these communities grow through educational content and time-saving efficiencies that help our users get back to the things that matter most in life.

Whether serving the UK’s growing population of self-employed workers with a community-focused digital banking ecosystem, providing cutting-edge payments apps for an underbanked population in MENA countries, or partnering with banks and businesses around the world to create bespoke solutions together, Diaspora Holding and its affiliate brands are working tirelessly to make banking easier for everyone.

The Diaspora Team

The Diaspora team exemplifies our commitment to diversity and inclusion, while offering extensive global experience across the payments, finance, and banking landscapes. Our managers have worked for Samsung, RBS, MasterCard, and Société Générale, just to name a few. We are small but mighty—and growing.

Ibrahim Farag

Chief Executive Officer

Embracing diversity, inclusion, and empowerment as foundational values at Diaspora, we’ve built our team to ensure fair representation across gender, ethnicity, and beliefs. We know that having a diverse team is a significant strength—it brings a unique range of perspectives to everything we do. Our hiring processes ensure equal employment opportunities for candidates of all genders, ages, races, ethnicities, sexual orientations, religious beliefs, disability statuses, and other protected characteristics.