Our mission

Our mission to serve the underbanked and the unbanked across the globe, using technology to develop a future-proof banking experience.

We foster innovation through technology to hatch new solutions and launch products directly to the market or through strategic partnerships with other financial and non-financial institutions whose values and vision aligns with that of Diaspora.

We make banking simple

We put the customer first and use technology and customer service to make their banking as easy as possible. We provide sophisticated banking services usually reserved for the 1% (such as trade finance) with a user experience as simple as consumer banking. What’s more, we provide everything in one place.

You’re in good company

Our investors include:

Institutional investors

Family offices

High net worth, qualified investors

Investor Relations

Elijah Puscas

Investor Relations Manager

T: 020 7712 1745

Elijah started working as an investments analyst in 2016 and has since developed his expertise through managing business relations for various investment bodies and venture capital firms. In his role at Diaspora, Elijah brings forward his enthusiasm for business, to ensure that our company meets its investor’s needs. Elijah helps investors to grow as they join us in leading the way in the world of digital banking.

 *Disclaimer: Actual returns may vary, Your capital is at risk. This product is suitable only to eligible, institutional, and sophisticated investors. Diaspora International Limited is registered with the Financial Conduct Authority for the  Anti Money Laundering Supervision. Registration number 917647.