Smarter business banking

Take control of your business finances wherever you are.

We are building the all-in-one business banking solution

Local and international transfers at competitive rates ​

A 360-degree of your business finances using Open Banking.

Smart Business tools such as Invoice Finance, Working Capital, and Payroll.

Streamlined banking

Check all of your business accounts easily at a glance, whether you’re in the office or on the go.  

One card for
all your cards

Consolidate your entire wallet and connect your Diaspora account with all other accounts and cards using Open Banking technology. Get company cards for your employees and retain control by setting specific account permissions.

Manage payroll

Pay your employee’s wages directly from the Diaspora app in just a few clicks. Automatically file payslips to HMRC from wherever you are.

Employee cards

Manage expenses for your team and retain control by setting specific card permissions.

Simple accounting

Easily categorise transactions and integrate with third-party accounting apps that you already use.

World class security


Keep your accounts and money safe from unauthorised access using biometric authentication technology. Freeze and unfreeze your Diaspora cards in one click using the app, and set your own card limits to prevent any overspend or hidden charges.

Access trade finance

With a Diaspora account you can instantly apply for invoice financesupply chain finance and contract finance. We’ll give you a real-time decision based on your financial performance. 

Borderless banking for global businesses


Exchange currencies and send payments to your suppliers wherever they are in the world using the Diaspora app. Conveniently access travel, credit and life insurance from within the app marketplace.

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