The Diaspora Trade Finance Platform is Launching.

The countdown to the launch of our trade finance platform has officially begun and we are exclusively inviting you to receive early access. If you’re a growth-stage business and are searching for a cash flow solution, or an investor hoping to diversify your asset portfolio, read more to find out how Diaspora can help.

For small business owners

Could your business benefit from an instant cash injection rather than waiting forever to receive invoice payments? Is your business forced to suffer long credit periods imposed by powerful buyers who are difficult to negotiate with? Invoice finance is the perfect solution allowing you to raise cash against your outstanding invoices. Our platform will connect you with qualified investors who are passionate about supporting British business and are willing to cash your invoices and accelerate your trading for up to 95% of your invoice value.

How it works for your business
  1. Register and upload
    your invoices
  2. Complete verification
  3. Review and accept an investor offer
  4. Receive your cash advance

For investors

Qualified investors are now using trade finance to enhance their returns and so should you. Diaspora provides investors with powerful filtering options to select opportunities among a highly liquid asset class. We conduct all the necessary credit, KYC, AML and CFT checks. We also offer additional credit insurance for your peace of mind. There is an estimated £22bn SME finance gap within the UK and our platform is designed to make trade finance one of the safest, most manageable investment opportunities for qualified investors. Champion the SMEs who form the backbone of our economy.

How it works for investors:
  1. Operate your own virtual banking business
    and start buying invoices
  2. Operate your own virtual banking business and start buying invoices.

Register your interest now for exclusive early access to the Diaspora trade finance platform by clicking here.