Personal banking, your way

One app designed to serve your banking needs.

A personal current account designed for you

Manage multiple accounts using one app, one card.

Enjoy multi-currency mobile banking and low spread exchange rates.

Send money to friends and family, wherever they are in the world.

One card for
all your cards

Consolidate your entire wallet and connect your Diaspora account with all other accounts and cards using Open Banking technology

One app for
all your cards

Select which account you want to pay from. Use the Diaspora app to make the payment.

Go cashless


Make instant payments using the Diaspora app or your contactless Diaspora card whether you’re at home or travelling abroad. 

Instant notifications

Get instant notifications the second you pay or get paid. Set budgets to keep track of your spending and get warnings to avoid overspending.

World class security

Keep your accounts and money safe from unauthorised access using biometric authentication technology. Freeze and unfreeze your Diaspora card in one click using the app, and set your own card limits to prevent any overspend or hidden charges.

Borderless banking for global citizens


Exchange currencies and send money to friends and family wherever they are in the world using the Diaspora app. Enjoy travel insurance cover tailored to your needs.

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