Business Solutions

Diaspora’s affiliate brands and partners work directly with businesses to develop next-generation fintech apps, tools, and platforms that will improve usability and ease for their end-users.

Whether a business wants to incorporate Diaspora’s unique consumer-facing banking technologies under their own brand or work with our team to develop tailored fintech solutions from the ground up, Diaspora helps businesses go to market quickly and easily with innovative financial applications and solutions.

Diaspora for Business

Digital Banking Platforms
Diaspora Business Applications
Digital Banking Platforms

For SMEs

Our affiliate brands and partners are creating digital banking ecosystems for small and medium businesses with built-in financial management tools. 

Diaspora Business Applications

White Label Solutions

For banks and financial services businesses, Diaspora Holding offers a suite of apps, tools, and back-end solutions that can be implemented immediately under an existing brand’s set of offerings.

Diaspora Managed Services and Product Development 

Diaspora Holding also provides full-service, full-lifecycle product development programmes to help businesses build bespoke fintech solutions.  

Agile, Fast-to-Market Fintech Solutions

Using an agile system of project management and an extremely fast, low-code development method, Diaspora’s team can deliver revolutionary fintech products in record time. Contact us today to get started.

Diaspora is particularly interested in partnering with businesses whose values align with our own—if you’re working to support financial inclusion and empowerment, we’d love to hear from you.