Trade finance made simple

All of your trade finance needs in one place to help manage your cash flow.

Business finance reinvented.

An all-in-one platform including invoice finance, contract finance, and supply chain finance.




Raise funds against your outstanding invoices and let us take over the collections process.



We will give you a cash advance to help you cover expenses whilst you fulfil your contracts.

Supply Chain 


We will pay your suppliers immediately and give you a payment extension.

Invoice finance

Finance a single invoice
The flexible option for businesses with a short-term liquidity need. You can finance a single invoice to help cover an expense such as an unexpected tax bill. No long-term commitment or financial arrangements required.

Finance a year’s worth of invoices
We’ll insure and cash your invoices for a whole year. Our competitive fees are charged as a monthly fixed fee. Outsource your collections and free up your cash flow.

Contract finance


Raise cash against your awarded contracts.

Contract finance gives you the financial capacity to accept new contracts or to adjust to a seasonal peak in demand. All you need is a confirmed purchase order from a verified customer, and we will fund the order with cash up front before you deliver the goods or services.

Supply chain finance

No more pressure from suppliers, we pay on your behalf.

Extend your payment terms by up to 60 days
Raise cash without affecting your business credit score. Relieve pressure on your SME supplier base.

Build your inventory and fulfil larger orders
This solution is ideal for businesses struggling with the administrative and financial burden of handling a large volume of supplier payments.

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